What to keep in mind when searching for your dream house in France

What kind of property do you have in mind - a flat, a modern
fully-functional villa, or a character property with lots of traditional charm?

Location: do you want to be “away from it all” in a quiet rural spot,
or in the surroundings of a small village, or in a larger town with all the infrastructure
and shops close at hand? Remember that after driving “five minutes” to the
nearest bar or restaurant you may have to walk back for half an hour or more ...

Budget is usually an important and sometimes inflexible issue, so determine
your limit in advance and this will greatly assist the sorting-out process. If
it takes two of you to decide, it helps if you agree (;).

Buying a property in France
involves knowing the asking price; as there can potentially be more than one
agent for the property and more than one price; it is always the lowest price
that is valid, no matter who quotes it. Even so, the price can usually be
negotiated. The costs for the administrative processing (generally referred to
as “notary’s fees” although the notary does not pocket the entire sum, far from
it) and the real estate agent’s commission, are usually additional and are paid
by the buyer.

As part of the recurring costs, annual property taxes vary according to
the municipality where the property is situated and may or may not include
refuse-collection fees. Utilities are invoiced according to your individual
consumption in France, as in
the UK.


At the Agence Generale de Sablé you will get expert advice to help you
find a property that matches your own personal criteria.

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